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Last adjustment: July 2018

The following content has changed:

  • §6 par. 2: The customer has to check the condition of the bike before use. Here only visibly parts have to be checked.
  • §7 par. 2: k) l) m) n) were added. Detailed lists of places where returning the bikes is not allowed: On guiding plates for the blind, at or infront of post boxes, infront of doors or gates or in their swivel range, in or infront of driveways.
  • §8 par. 3: Addition: Information about lokal limitations and flexzones are to be found on the website of the city’s scheme.
  • §8 par. 4: Addition: The customer has to check within the app if the return was successful.
  • §9 par. 1: Addition: Nextbike GmbH is not liable for damages to objects which have been transported during a rental either through the use of the bike basket or the cellphone holder, unless the damage was due to intentional or grossly negligent behavior of nextbike.
  • § 9 par. 2: Addition: nextbike GmbH shall not be liable in cases of improper and/or unauthorized use of the bicycle in accordance with §3. Unless the damage was due to intentional or grossly negligent behavior of nextbike or the damage would have occurred independent of the improper/unauthorized use.
  • §10 par. 2: Addition: The limitation of liability does not apply if the customer returns the bike outside of the respective operation area (Flex zone or station).
  • §16 par. 4: Addition: If the payment is delayed for at least two months or 15 €, nextbike GmbH is authorized to demand the entire claim and to discontinue its service until the customer meets his/her obligations.
  • §17 par. 3: Objections to debited charges must be submitted in writing to nextbike GmbH within 30 days of receipt of the invoice instead of 14 days.